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What is it like having famous parents? Essentially, my podcast with a brief history on and a list of other legit pods in India.

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ETA to your destination is 25 minutes, you’re sitting in a cab and the radio plays. Thanks to the woman speaking you get to learn something that changes your life for the better. Like her, most Indian radio jockeys/audio content creators claim themselves to be the original podcasters.

Podcasting in India began in 2005 when Apple uploaded podcasts onto I-tunes and two Indian gentlemen Mr. Abhishek Kumar and Mr. Aditya Mhatre started India’s first multi-person podcast called Indicast for Indians to discuss India.

Thousands of audio creators in India since then have commenced podcasting.

The podcast producer/ podcast may wish to express a personal passion, increase professional visibility, enter into a social network of influencers or influential ideas, cultivate a community of like-minded viewership, or put forward pedagogical or ideological ideas (possibly under philanthropic support).

I started a podcast for lifestyle and business essentials. You deserve more than just reels on Instagram, we deserve easily accessible long-form content as that is from certified experts and community-driven for its considerable value in terms of understanding and questioning.

Creators, Modern Retail Brands( D2C Space), and on-demand consumers all are collectively progressing towards a better lifestyle for India, and as a founder of a creator-centric startup, it is one of my core jobs and is something I shall talk about in-depth with you.

With the audio content format and in an episodic series I can deliver more value in terms of personal and household welfare to the digital community.

I also managed to use other forms of audio-first platforms to reach out and build a huge community for myself, a platform where even the CTO of Barak Obama’s presidential campaign follows me! (Quick plug: Follow India Speaks on Clubhouse )

Here is a blast from the past:

Vivek Tejuja, author So now you know: A Memoir of growing up gay in India host’s author The Language of History, Audrey Truschke:

More about the clubhouse, and audio social phenomena that have taken the world by storm later in this space!

Starting up a podcast is pretty easy.

I personally use Anchor to host Essentially.

It has been 10 days since I aired the first episode and my experience has been great, considering I got trending under ‘ Top Self Help Podcasts in India’ on charts after a few hours of dropping the first episode.

I get to channel the brightest minds in an area of essential importance to our daily lives by interviewing experts, who have repeatedly and successfully accomplished the thing in question and have demonstrated that they can logically explain the cause-effect relationship behind their conclusions asking them essential questions to make lives better.

I was quite excited to talk with Mishti Khatri, before I learned of her expertise in Fitness and Nutrition, I had watched countless videos of her dad, Mr. Atul Khatri, a very popular Indian comic, and was curious as to how it must feel to have a cool brown parent apart from of-course Nutrition and Fitness for brown people.

There was also a rumor about her dating Shreyas Iyer that I came across but I chose not to go ahead with it in the conversation since it was my first time doing a guest podcast and I didn’t know if I was crossing a line there.

Anyway! I did talk to Mishti Khatri about:

  1. Journey and Source of Inspiration for a career so oriented in making the lives of people better.

  2. Diet in different cultures, Desi vs West, Balanced Diet.
    FAQ/ Pain point for a nutritionist.

  3. Tips and Hacks for the various lifestyles like Young College Students, Working Professionals, and Women.

  4. Cost of a healthy lifestyle.

  5. Navigation to staying fit in the time of social media influencers, paid native ads and promotions, misinformation on diet.

  6. Importance of a good relationship with Food.

    This interview got covered by Sodelhi, do check out the post here.

The idea of the podcast is to promote better living for us, do give this 25 minute episode a listen on your favourite podcast fix and share it with your loved ones. 
Spotify , Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts

Directory of top Indian Podcasts:

If you’re looking for other top Indian Podcasts here is a list based on articles published by The Ken in February 2020, by India Today in October 2020, by The Indian Express' EdexLive 40under40 in September 2020, and Deccan Herald in November 2020, these are some of the top podcasts in India:

"Podcast" is a portmanteau, a combination of "iPod" and "broadcast".

The term "podcasting" was first suggested by The Guardian columnist and BBC journalist Ben Hammersley, who invented it in early February 2004 while writing an article for The Guardian newspaper titled Why Online radio is booming.

Since 2018, the podcast scene in India has really taken up pace based on a report 40 million of the 500 million internet users back in 2018 were podcast listeners which were 60% up since before.

There has been a growth of podcast channels internally in India.

You can read the ET article here.

Hubhopper, Aawaz.com, Pod Collective, Saavn, and Audiomatic are some indigenous podcasting platforms used by creators and listeners.

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