What's your value today?

This piece might help you understand how the valuation of self works.

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Very simply put we value ourselves based on what we want from this life, and in more ways, than not it’s no different than how we value others.

Let’s take it from the other side, you value me because you’re reading my essay, however, what my essay will do for you is what you’re really here for.

I am hence by virtue only as valuable as what you get out of me.

I can’t claim to know how you currently value yourself, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone who does. Not because they might not be of value to you, but because while I write this, there is no possible way I can tell what you want from your life at this moment. The idea of how this one essay will change how you look at yourself is not what I intend to do.

What I intend to do is make you think, and show you how I value myself for the reader that is you and this framework for you to apply to self.

What is the self?

The self is the only being that irrespective of their current value to you, is you.

Everything else and everyone else will always be in perspective to the self. When you see others and you value them, you’re secretly praying that you are more like them since that’s perhaps what you need to reach where you want to be, or perhaps where they are is where you want to be.
However, you’ll never have the right estimate of yourself, to begin with.

For instance, you truly are the reason why there is a government, you are the reason why people serve in the defence, you are the reason why people fight for freedom and you are who I write this for, yet none of it will matter if you don’t go closer to where you need to be.

Now when you ask yourself the question, what’s your value today?

I hope the answer that comes to your mind is goals and how you can go closer to them today.