On a Khoj.

There’s a revolution in the world of consumption. Environmental, social, governance factors have started to weigh in while investing in the markets.

We've come a long way in terms of knowledge and application, there are now mental, physical, social models with well designed products and services that can make your life and of those around you better. You want part of it.

But how do you get started?

How do you get better?

How do you front-run the opportunity?

You need a guide. A helper. An opinion. A companion for the journey.

You need to go on a Khoj.

The ultimate guide to conscious living.

The Khoj program blends product, service and tech insight to help make your life smoothie.

It features:

  • 5 actionable newsletters every week

  • Practical tactics to level-up your home, health, mind and wealth.

  • Long-term consumption strategies to help you make sustainable choices maximize returns & avoid pitfalls.

It’s written in plain-speak.

It’s supplemented with 🎙️podcast and💸marketplace to help you become an expert at using your consumptions to generate returns.

📒 Explore the program by starting a Khoj.

5 reasons to subscribe

You still need more reasons? Here’s five.

  1. Subscribe for a feed that helps you stay ahead in times of overloaded marketing and hyper targeted promotions…

    In the new creator economy, a good range of people, products and services have come up. However, the social platforms in their attempt to monetize have created a monster that exists in all of us, social media. The algorithm, It’s only good for you if you stay ahead of it, or it could result in serious detrimental effects to your mental and physical health. Khoj’s feed algorithm isn’t designed around monetization from you. It’s to save you from it.

  2. Subscribe for the ROI…

    Each minute of your precious attention on the internet today can re-direct you into making a purchase. This overall consumption of time, attention, money and brands should have a return for you to live a sustainable and progressive life. Khoj, strives to get that ROI on your daily spends.

  3. Subscribe for the life-changing knowledge…

    The power of community, research and tech really enables us to design Khoj, in a way that you can get access to transformative knowledge from experts in the field or even others like us.

  4. Subscribe to take the action into your-own-hands…

    Sustainability, saving the earth, growth, freedom or even transformation. It all starts with you, with Khoj , Essentially and Baabae by your side. Thousands of our members today have accelerated their ability to form a point of view and take actions for themselves.

  5. Subscribe because thousands recommend it…

    Join an existing community of members who trust in the ability of transformation and magic.

Who’s the author?

I’m Keshav Rai, I’ve been for years building digital ecosystems for India, currently at Winvesta (Finance) , ex- Swiggy (Food and Logistics), OYO (Hospitality) , Wishup (Service) , I dream of a world where individuals have greater money sovereignty.
My goal is to help bring a billion people to live their best lives in the next two decades. I’m joined by a host of talented gig workers, community leaders, experts and consumers who love and care for helping others..

Why the name?

Our world’s consumption today is run by digital and social influence. Many a times crowded and confusing for individuals to even navigate to say the least. The idea of conscious living provides an alternative to the validation driven approach to consumption. The option of self-sovereign money & better living.


  • Instead of physical only brick and mortar stores we have augmented reality e-commerce.

  • Instead of supply driven decisions we have on-demand products and services.

In a world where social websites act as friends and code makes that friendship programmable, the entire value system changes.

So Khoj is about searching for the right friend, product or service that makes life smoother.

We are Baabae Nation.

This is program I wish I had access to when I started.

What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to begin your Khoj?

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